Remember 1961?

Gasoline was 27 to 31 cents a gallon, and the minimum wage was set at $1.00 an hour. A new Chevy cost $2,529 loaded, and a new VW beetle cost $1,623 including the only option - an AM radio. Bacon for 1LB was 67 cents and Eggs per dozen was 30 cents. A first class postage stamp was $.04, and the average income was $5,315 per year. A new middle-income house cost $12,500. Tuition at Harvard University was $1,250 per year.

John F. Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States. The Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba occurred. Alan Shepard became the first American in space aboard Mercury-Redstone 3. President Kennedy announced before a special joint session of Congress his goal to put a man on the Moon before the end of the decade. The Vietnam War officially began in December, as the first American helicopters arrived in Saigon along with 400 U.S. personnel.

Patsy Cline released "I Fall to Pieces" and "Crazy." The success of both songs helped her cross over from country to pop. Record of the Year: Theme From A Summer Place by Percy Faith. Song of the Year: Theme From Exodus by Ernest Gold, songwriter. Academy Award, Best Picture: The Apartment, Billy Wilder, producer (United Artists).

East Germany erected the Berlin Wall. OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) was formally constituted. One of President Kennedy's first proposals was the creation of a Peace Corps to aid developing nations.

The Jerk , the Frug , the Pony became popular dances. Popular Films included The Guns of Navarone, The Parent Trap, The Absent-Minded Professor, The Alamo, Swiss Family Robinson,
101 Dalmatians, Breakfast at Tiffany's, El Cid, and West Side Story. Popular TV shows included
Mister Ed and The Avengers.

On the technical side, IBM introduced the Selectric typewriter Golfball. The First inflight movie was shown on TWA. The First electric toothbrush was produced by Squibb Co.

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