The 50th Class Reunion

It will be 2011 before you know it and our 50th class reunion. Plans are underway and we need your help. Please fill out the contact page to update your information and perhaps volunteer to assist the committee in some way. Enjoy this poem about fifty years.



Its been fifty years since weve been in high school,

Listening to teachers and obeying the rules.

Fifty years what a long time ago!

Has it been that long since Ive seen my good friend Joe?

Pony tails and crew cuts that was the rage,

Knee socks and loafers, those were the days.

Back in those days we thought we knew it all,

But I know now that our minds were still small.

I hope that my kids have half as much fun

And only do half of the stupid things Ive done.

Smoking in the lav go to Joe Vent

He said Id be sorry now I know what he meant.

Looking back to when life was a breeze,

Thats when changing classes in two minutes was done with ease.

Walking to Briggs in all that snow

Would I do it today, would I really go?

Back then it was fun. The air felt good.

Now Id need a coat, gloves, hat, scarf, and a hood.

Sophomore Hop, Christmas Ball, the Senior Prom

When I think of it now, I shake with alarm.

Getting home at 2 Boy, was Mom mad!

Going back that far is making me sad.

Im wondering about my old teachers. How are they?

Ive heard some are still teaching and many have passed away.

Remember the dates on Saturday night?

Do I look O.K.? Is everything just right?

Going out now is just not as much fun.

Are the grandkids all right? Are the dishes done?

Tom and Mary said they never would part.

Now theyre divorced. When did the fighting start?

Im thinking about Coach Stebbins and the BIG GAME,

Ouch! My back, my legs, my knees will never be the same.

Going to high school ah, those were the years,

But the years do go on my, what a shame!

My fiftieth year reunion I wonder if anyone will remember my name.

Previous Reunions

10th  Venus DeMilo, Swansea, MA
15th  Knights of Columbus, Warwick, RI
20th  Hearthstone, Seekonk, MA
25th  Alpine Country Club, Cranston, RI
30th  Venus DeMilo, Swansea, MA
40th  Alpine Country Club, Cranston, RI
45th  Twelve Acres, Smithfield, RI


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