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Hi Fran.

I want to thank you and all the members of the committee for presenting a wonderful experience at our 45th reunion.  Ray and I had a great time.  I personally renewed friendships with several friends from high school that I might never have seen again.

Thank you, Mary Leigh Dinucci

Dear Fran,   OH, MY  GOD....... What a great time my husband, Ray and I had... I didn't even care about the RAIN.. The group that did the singing... fantastic.. do they have a CD out ? If they do, I sure would want one. When they did the national anthem, it gave you the goose-bumps.. The 'Slut-Cuts" girls were very good and too funny!!!! I hope you and everyone else enjoyed the re-union as much as we did!!! Talk to you again soon  (if you don't mind). Take care and hope you dry out soon... Carol(Langley).

Hi Fran & Louie,

First of all, thanks to you and your committee for all the hard work that went into making this event possible. I had a blast - it was my first reunion. My husband said I was like a kid in a candy store - he just followed me around with the camera and snapped pictures every time I stopped at a table. In fact, I forwarded my pictures to Dick Evans and he posted them on the website.

We'll definitely plan on attending the 50th - God willing.

Kathie Lazarski Lewis

45th reunion organizers...thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

We had such fun @ 45th reunion = the clambake held @ 12 acres with the acapela doo-wop group "Street Corner Serenade" and the "Slut Cut" hair dressers from the Ocean State Follies... That we'd love to do that again ...on a weekly basis... Even in the pouring rain!!

Steve & Jacky Carlson ...ever growing older but not ...up [ `;-)


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